Dreams and hallucinations seem to follow the Patient around throughout the game. As the game progresses, these visions become more and more disturbing as you venture through the halls of Never Lose Hope Hospital



The core can cause strange hallucinations to occur, such as the change of geography of the vents and disappearing and appearing doors. Victims have headaches, blurry vision, and report disturbing visions. It seems that in the case of certain victims such as Alpha 3 of Alpha Squad, these visions can eventually cause insanity as well as violent tendencies towards others.


These hallucinations are seemingly caused by the Core, in an attempt to control the minds of those close to it. The visions are not felt exclusively by the Patient as Alpha Squad seems to be affected by headaches the same time the Patient feels them. This could be caused by psychic waves coming from the Core. The zombies seem to be hospital faculty who were so corrupted by the Core that they became insane and killed themselves or each other. Their bodies are possessed by the core and are used by Dr. Romero to prevent anyone from stopping his experiments and finding out the truth behind the paranormal activity in the hospital. Other zombies such as the creeper zombies are simply hallucinations conjured up by the Core. However, not all of these hallucinations are caused by the Core and could also be caused by Emily since some of the visions show important clues to the truth behind the hospital, such as images of the core, Emily, Dr. Romero, as well as the Romero household.