The Flashlight is the first implement that the Patient aquires. At random times in the game, the Flashlight will flicker on and off and will even shut off for a certain period of time.
NH1 Flashlight

The Patient flashing his flashlight around in order to observe the area more clearly.

Nightmare HouseEdit

At the start of the game, the Patient has the Flashlight immediately, his own Flashlight. After waking up from hisconsciousness, the Patient makes his towards the abandoned household of Dr. Romero and Emily.

Nightmare House 2Edit

After waking up in the mental asylum, the Patient leaves the cell block detention area and searches for a way out of the Zombie infested hospital. He heads over to the security room to look for someone to be of assistance for him. Instead of finding help, he finds a Flashlight that he could use to help himself around the unlit areas of the hospital.