Nightmare House: Remake is a remade version of the original Nightmare house and is featured in Nightmare House 2 as a prologue.

It much more detailed than the original and is made up of one map instead of a few.


After crashing his truck into a tree outside a house in the country, The Patient is forced to search the house for help. He manages to find an axe inside a tool shed out the front. From the blood stains, The Patient decides he should take it. He is forced to look through the house, being forced to take down zombies. He finds a semi-auto pistol in one room, a revolver in the next, and eventually, a shotgun. And, of course, he meets Emily. After finally finding the front door, he runs through zombies, trying to get to his car, and after finding it, Emily pops up and ends the Prologue. Text fades in onto the screen "You cannot escape the Nightmare House..."