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Nightmare House
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Hen Mazolski

The Romero home (more popularly known as the Nightmare House) is an abandoned house where the events of the Nightmare House 2 prologue takes place.

History Edit

Pre-Nightmare House era Edit

Emily And Romero Married

Emily and Romero as a married couple, standing in front of their newly purchased home.

The house was purchased and occupied for sometime by Dr. Romero and Emily Romero prior to the events of the first Nightmare House. By this time, Romero worked for an unknown science company, his experiments focused on the concept of the undead, illusions, psychological possession of humans, and the connection between the three concepts. Because of this nature, or maybe because of the way he was enforcing his methods, Emily was argumentative of his experiments. As a result, Romero used her as a test subject for mind-control experimentation. However, he accidentally kills Emily in the process. When he attempts to resurrect her, he succeeds in bringing back her ghost. Sooner after, he abandons the home and returns to former workplace Never Lose Hope Hospital in order to continue his experiments. He becomes under pressure when he discovered Emily's ghostly presence hunting him for vengeance, and designs the Core as a means to drive the spirit away.

Nightmare House era Edit

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The Patient coming across the house in Nightmare House.

Years later after the incident, the Patient accidentally comes across the Romero household, which is abandoned and somewhat in a state of disrepair. After crashing into a telephone pole, he approaches the house unaware of its status. After breaking through using the cellar door, he crashes down to the basement and has to make his way back up to the surface. Along the path, he is confronted by the spirit of Emily herself multiple times, as well as hallucinations in the form of zombie-like creatures. Slowly, the effects of Emily's influence wear down the Patient's sanity, but he continues forward, fighting until he reaches the exit. As he is fleeing from the creatures into his car, Emily intercepts him, uses her powers to lift up his truck, and crushes the oncoming zombies in order to save his life. An ambulance arriving on the scene finds the truck ablaze, bizarre footprints, and the Patient lying on the ground, presumably in a state of hysteria. He is taken to Never Lose Hope Hospital, where Romero is hiding.

Nightmare House 2 era Edit

As Nightmare House 2 takes place in a different location, Nightmare House is not directly featured. However, near or at the end of each dream sequence, it can be seen through flashbacks in the visions. The final dream sequence reintroduces the ending of the prologue, as the Patient is fleeing from the oncoming zombies.