Nightmare House 2 Beta is a map that can not be found in the actual Nightmare House 2 game, but it can be found by accessing a folder that stores the Lost Files for Nightmare House 2.

Nightmare House 2 BetaEdit

At the start of the map, the Patient wakes up in a mental asylum. He opens the door and exits the asylum. He then starts down a hallway and finds a gate that is locked in its position. As the Patient walks towards the the security room for assistance and he finds a mirror. Once the Patient gets close enough to the security room's door, Emily will appear in the mirror's reflection and then disappear. The Patient opens the door to the security room and finds a mutilated corpse on the floor.

After finding a flashlight and unlocking the gate, the cafeteria doors are unlocked and the Patient then roams inside the cafeteria and finds an axe. He then confronts a couple of zombies. After defeating the hostiles, the Patient heads towards a gate that is boarded up. The Patient splits each of the boards in half with the axe and finds another gate that is locked. He pushes the button that unlocks the gate, but the gate fizzles and the Patient must go down to the basement and fix the generator.

After he fixes the generator Emily appears in front of it and vanishes. Once the Patient enters the gate, which was no longer locked he finds a deceased corpse sitting in a wheelchair in front of a television set that jolts an explosion of sparks. The Patient enters a supplies room and sees a door that's engulfed in blood. He approaches the blood-soaked door and Emily appears right in front of him and makes the ground crumble beneath him, leaving him unconscious.

Once the Patient regains consciousness, he finds Emily staring at him who then flees out of the room. He gets up, gathers his axe and flashlight, and enters an airvent. He confronts a zombie that lacks a lower torso. After defeating the zombie, the airvent breaks under the weight of the Patient and he finds himself inside a bathroom. He finds a pistol and must defeat a poison zombie that breaks out of a bathroom stall.

The Patient enters a room with another room being seperated by a soundproof window. Emily appears for a brief moment in the other room and then disappears once again. The Patient reaches a door that leads to the main entrance to the hospital. The doors to the main entrance shut, limiting his options. He is limited to enter an elevator only to see the elevator shut down on him. The elevator luckily starts up again and then exceeds to its destination. The Patient exits and the elevator instantly falls to the lowest floor, causing an enormous explosion.

The only thing left in his way was a chained door. Once he breaks the chains he continues into a pitch-black, long-drawn-out hallway. The lights suddenly flicker on and Emily appears at the end of the hallway then disappears, leaving a door behind where she was standing. As soon as the Patient reaches the door, he finds it locked, turns around, and comes face to face with Emily.