February 2ndEdit

"I'm finally here. Never Lose Hope Hospital, it's...been a while. It feels like everyone is looking at me, like they know what happened, what I did. I made so many mistakes, and now she wants me to pay for what i've done. I am out of options, I can't go back, I have to hide here."

May 2ndEdit

"I've heard that there's a new patient coming in, someone they've brought from the woods up north. Apparently they found him next to his crashed car, everything around him was burnt to the ground, yet he survived the flames. I hope my suspicions are wrong."

May 3rdEdit

"I was right. That new patient, he came from where I was afraid of. It's no coincidence. She knows I'm here."

May 7thEdit

"I've taken shelter in the storage area under the hospital, no one comes down here anymore, I should be safe here. No one is looking for me anyway. Except her.

June 5thEdit

"I was able to bring some of my work within me when I came here. I just can't stop thinking about it. Even though I don't want to, my mind keeps working on it. I feel like there's no turning back now. This will protect me from her. I can't make any more mistakes, not again."

July 12thEdit

"Been hearing things, can barely sleep anymore."

August 21stEdit

"I feel like I've been here for so long. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. I can feel her, she's haunting me, I can't take this anymore."

August 30thEdit

"There is no other way...I have to defend myself, I have to keep her away...I'm turning it on.

August 31stEdit

"What have I done...Everyone's dead, they KNEW I was down here, it was self defense!"

September 7thEdit

"The hospital is empty, everyone is either long gone or dead, except for that one patient... It didn't affect him, It must be her."

September 11thEdit

"It's been so quiet, for such a long time, it's just me and him down here, I can watch him in his cell, through the hospital's CCTV. He's been in a coma since he arrived. He seems to move every once in a while, It's her, she's preparing him, waiting for the perfect moment to act. I can't let her do it."

September 12thEdit

"I couldn't wait anymore, I tried to get rid of him. I took a fire axe and went to the cells to finish this. The second I opened the door I felt a chill down my spine, It was her. I...couldn't do it, not like this. I turned around and started heading back. I took a detour through the cafeteria to get some food, good thing I had the fire axe with me cause Joe was still around the kitchen. What's left of him was trying to attack me, but I managed to nail him to the floor, he was a terrible chef anyway."

September 13thEdit

"The Core is finished, I'm ready to face her, no more waiting games, this ends tonight. I'll do the first move, I am waking him up." The game starts

September 13thEdit

"It worked, he's up and about, I need to get him closer to me, where I'll have the higher ground."

September 13thEdit

"Crap, someone must've detected the Core's initial pulse. It's only been an hour and I can already hear a helicopter outside, my god what did I get myself into."

September 13thEdit

"You gotta be kidding me. They've sent SWAT in. I'm in deep shit now. The soldiers are not the real issue, using the Core I can take them out one by one, but the's just out of the Core's range, one wrong move and it flies away, only to return with a freaking army. I've gotta plan this out."

September 13thEdit

"I've got it, the radio tower, if I could disable the hospital radio equipment, I'll be able to use the tower to boost the Core's range, I can't go there on my own, it's too risky, but I think I got the perfect man for the job."

September 13thEdit

"It is done... the helicopter is out of the picture, and so are the SWAT, But him... matter what I do, he just won't die. It's her, she's keeping him alive no matter what."

September 13thEdit

"He's coming. She's with him. I gave him a chance to leave, but she won't allow him to. I have to prepare for the worst. The Core is fully operational, but unstable...let's hope the wooden planks I've used as support beams will be enough, that's all I could do in such little time. I think I can win this, she can't get too close. That's why I built the whole thing in the first place!"

September 14thEdit

"I can hear the elevator, they are on their way down here. I just hope the whole thing won't break the moment I start it. I can hear the door they are here I just have to ta" The log is cut off