The Spas-12 Shotgun is a versatile, efficient way of killing zombies. A left click emits a single blast, while the right click emits two blasts at once, dealing about double the damage of a regular blast. It holds 6 rounds, but can be reloaded quickly. This gun is available in both Half Life 2, Nightmare House: Remake and Nightmare House 2. Notice that in the 2015 update, the Spas 12 will be replaced by another model of shotgun (which would be a Benelli M3, another italian-made shotgun with 2 firing modes).


The Spas-12 shotgun found in the HL2 mod, Nightmare House 1 and 2

Nightmare HouseEdit

The Spas-12 is located in a gun cabinet at the end of a hallway encased in glass with other prop shotguns. Upon breaking the glass and retrieving the Patient new weapon, a Zombie breaks the door to his left down to attack the Patient. The weapon is a vital asset to the game, as it gives firepower while still retaining the Mouse2 stronger attack.

Nightmare House 2Edit

The Spas-12 returns in the scene after the helicopter crashes, where the Patient narrowly escapes death. The leader of the Alpha Squad isn't so lucky. He informs the Patient about their plans of Dr. Romero away before dying on him, instructing the Patient to kill Dr. Romero. He then dies, leaving his Spas-12 gauge shotgun as well as his flashlight.