The Announcer
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Sometime around July 21st, 2013

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Never Lose Hope Hospital

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Danielle McRae

The Announcer is the main public addresser in Never Lose Hope Hospital. She addresses the patients and staff with informative messages concerning protocol and events happening within the hospital.

Overview Edit

The announcer is the first thing that speaks any dialogue while the Patient is in the cell block, reciting information that would've been standard procedure during the hospital's past time. Dr. Romero says the messages to be automated, but is unable to shut them off.

As the game progresses, the announcer gives hints that defy Dr. Romero's assumption of being automated. When the Patient is in the maintenance section of the building, the announcer warns him of the dangers and for him to turn away, then adds vindictively, "Yes, I'm talking about you." In another instance, the announcer starts off with the sentence, "We would like a minute of your time to notify you..." before pausing. When the Patient reaches the door, she finishes the sentence, "There is something behind you," indicating the presence of a zombie behind him. In the "Kill" ending, she provides one final automated message warning him to leave if he is not of senior staff level, whispering the words, "It's for your own good!" She is even aware of Emily's presence to some extent; in the "Escape" ending, the announcer states a farewell message before whispering, "Don't go out!"

Should the player choose to cut into the office desk and open the door, he will find a hallway and room where the announcement system is stored. Sitting in the chair will be a mutilated and decaying corpse. However, the voice will speak to the player and state somewhat angrily, "I do not wish for you to see me like this. Please leave now."
Nightmare House 2 - Shadow Announcer Easter Egg

Nightmare House 2 - Shadow Announcer Easter Egg

A video of the Patient finding the Announcer.

If the player takes the Commander's flashlight with him, it will allow for the player to shine the light on the nearest wall. There is a silhouette of a woman standing with her arms folded across her chest, revealing that the operator of the announcement system was none other than one of the many apparitions haunting the hospital. Romero's dialogue towards it indicates that it is not one of the hallucinations manifested from the Core, and that it is a ghost like Emily.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Announcer seems to care for the Hospital more than she does about any of patients. She sometimes has a slightly antagonistic relationship with The Patient as she often taunts him or she often bitterly attempts to command the Patient to go to other areas of The Hospital. However, she does save The Patient's life, as she warns him when something is behind him and warns him not to go outside as Emily will kill him.


  • The Announcer is voiced by Danielle McRae, who also voices Emily Romero.
  • The Announcer is the only ghost that can speak and operate machines correctly. She is able to use the cameras and the public-address system and can give clear instructions and notifications to the inhabitants of The Hospital.


The Announcer has a Photo Gallery.