This page explains the events of the Nightmare House series.





  • 2nd: The Patient crashes his truck in front of the Romero House and was injured while trying to escape. He was then was taken to Never Lose Hope Hospital. The events of Nightmare House 1 occur and conclude.
  • 3rd: George Romero confirms the presence of the Patient in Never Lose Hope Hospital.
  • 7th: George Romero takes shelter within the basement of Never Lose Hope Hospital.


  • 5th: George Romero begins to construct a new version of the Core.


  • 12th: George Romero reports hearing odd things, and displays the symptoms of insomnia.


  • 1st: George Romero begins "phase one" of his plan.
  • 21st: George Romero uses the Core, and as a result, everyone in Never Lose Hope Hospital is killed. The Patient is the only survivor.
  • 27th: George Romero concludes that the spirit of his deceased wife, Emily, is somehow protecting the Patient.


  • 8th: George Romero learns to control doors, lights, and other things within Never Lose Hope Hospital, but is tormented by Emily and the Announcer.
  • 14th: George Romero continues to work on the Core, while monitoring the Patient.
  • 15th: George Romero reports seeing the Patient move.
  • 19th: George Romero leaves the basement to kill the Patient. He is stalked by Emily and instead chooses to kill Zombie Chef Joe with an axe, before retrieving food and returning to the safety of the Core.


  • 13th: George Romero begins "phase two" of his plan and awakens the Patient. The events of Nightmare House 2 occur.
  • 14th: The Patient works his way through Never Lose Hope Hospital, being constantly stalked by Emily, fending off various zombies, and solving puzzles. The Patient encounters Alpha Squad, who later reveal George Romero as the cause of the hospital's ruined and haunted state. The events of Nightmare House 2 conclude, with the Patient either being killed by Emily in an attempt to leave the hospital, or presumably left to die after destroying the Core and allowing Emily to kill George Romero.