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Individual information

60-100 (Depends on Difficulty)

  • Claw swipe (10)
  • Double slash (20)
Game information

Hen Mazolski

The Zombies are the most common enemy in the Nightmare House series. Thanks to The Core, dozens were created out of the corpses that were previously the staff and patients of Never Lose Hope Hospital.

Overview Edit

Once humans residing in Never Lose Hope Hospital, the staff members and patients all were victims of a Core test experiment gone wrong by Dr. Romero. As a result, many were either killed, went insane from the hallucinations, or evacuated the building. The only survivors were Romero and The Patient, the latter of whom was being possessed by Emily Romero in order to protect each other and get closer to Dr. Romero. They retain their humanoid shape, but signs of decay and decomposition are present. Notably, all zombies encountered are of male gender. Some are even manifestations created by the Core.

They lumber towards the player, emitting low growls as they move and attack. Usually, they attack the player in groups. Under the influence of the Core's hallucinations, they are unable to think tactically and constantly attack head-on, allowing them to be easily killed by the more maneuverable and intelligent player. However, larger groups of zombies can prove to be a threat and can overwhelm a more cornered prey. They seem to be unable to feel pain and have a higher damage resistance than normal, capable of surviving bifurcation and decapitation and continue to attack.

The first zombie encountered by the Patient is a chef named Joe, according to Dr. Romero. He attacked Dr. Romero as the scientist was attempting to stock up on food. With his axe, Dr. Romero seemingly killed Joe and pinned his body to the floor with the axe. However, when the Patient retrieves the axe later on, Joe is reanimated, only to get killed by the Patient.


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